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Instant Execution

SoloTrader supports Instant Execution. Traders now have the power to execute orders at the price offered to a broker without market influence. This feature also lets you set the parameters for “stop loss” and “take profit” orders as you send your initial entry order. In case a trade is rejected, Instant Execution automatically offers you a “re-quote”.

Advanced Charting Capabilities

SoloTrader provides efficient and up-to-date charts and tick charts from which you can place trade orders directly. Traders are able to determine entry and exit points efficiently in order for them to find well-timed opportunities that have a good chance to profit. It lets you carry out their preferred strategy for the current status.

Comprehensive Trading Symbols

SoloTrader allows traders to have any number of trading symbols. You can opt for a wide selection or a limited array depending on your choice. There is no minimum or maximum amount of trading symbols. We let you have the power of selecting the number of trading symbols that works best for you.

Stable and Reliable Connection

SoloTrader promises zero interruption during the execution of your orders. Failed transactions are minimized, allowing you to experience smooth and convenient processing. With a stable and reliable connection, no time is ever wasted in your trading pursuit.

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Articles and News

Getting to Know the Tick Dashboard of SoloTrader Terminal


The SoloTrader Terminal features the Tick Dashboard. This special dashboard is a trading tool that helps users analyze multiple symbols simultaneously. It has twelve (12) panels that can show a chosen symbol that streams real-time data including price changes, time, date, and chart history. It can …

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SoloTrader Releases Exclusive IDE Programming System called SoloTrader Studio


SoloTrader is pleased to announce the release of SoloTrader Studio an integrated development environment (IDE) where traders can input codes, scripts, and logics to create custom indicators and trading robots. Custom indicators are personalized indicators that traders can use to apply to their own trading strategies. By having custom indicators, analyzing forex charts are not only easier, but also better because it is created according to the users preference. Meanwhile, a trading robots is a computer program coded by the user composed of forex trading signals that automatically execute orders depending on the set commands. Using a trading robot is very helpful because not only does it make the trading faster through automated trade executions, it also makes the trading decisions more objective and without interference of emotions and impulse decisions from the trader. This exclusive feature is offered by SoloTrader to its clients that want to have full control over their trades. It features extensive trading and coding tools to accommodate any preferences of the user. It is easy to understand, simple to use, and effortless in improving the trading process. SoloTrader ensured that the programming system is powerful enough to integrate any requests that the user has. Download SoloTrader Studio now from the official website at Users can try it for free. Just register a demo account to start using the application. A comprehensive and simple guide on its usage is available at

SoloTrader Launches Modern Line of Trading Solutions


Today, SoloTrader unveils its modern line of trading solutions for SoloTrader clients. Now, brokers and traders have the best arsenal of trading tools at their disposal. SoloTrader was able to create trading solutions that are user-friendly, efficient, and affordable by listening to the needs and suggestions of the clients. Each application stands out as a useful tool for different purposes of the trading process. Together, they create a system of products that collectively boost trader and broker performance. Developed using the SoloTrader technology, the SoloTrader products are designed with simplicity and sophistication by a team of experts. For the trader online, the Solotrader Desktop Platform was created. It is where clients can trade using a stand alone trading application that can be run on a personal computer. Traders can also use the SoloTrader Web to access their accounts through a secure online website. For people on-the-go, the team developed SoloTrader Mobile for Android and iOs. The mobile application is a compact and handy version of the full trading platform for convenient and personal trades. For the clients that want to maximize control over their trades, there is the SoloTrader Studio for code creation, script execution, and logics implementation. Last, but not the least is the SoloTrader Web Chart for embedded forex chart analysis on any website. Traders and brokers can now use all of these products to maximize profits. Avail and learn more of them by checking out the SoloTrader website.

Get The Help You Need Using the SoloTrader Consulting Services


SoloTrader has developed a new way to help brokers achieve their financial goals by launching its latest offering: the SoloTrader Consulting Services. The newest feature lets clients have their own personal guidance and expert advice in establishing or improving their FX brokerage by enlisting the help of our professional consultants. Through the SoloTrader Consulting services, clients are provided with trading solutions that ensure the success of their broker startups. Some of the services provided under this feature include consultations where the client and the professional consultant can define the client’s company objectives, discuss business strategies and learn about the basics of broker startups. They can also avail of advising sessions where the professional consultant teaches the client the different ways they can maximize resources and achieve optimum workflow efficiency. Broker startups have the option of discussing with the consultant budget estimations, getting help with licensures, and promotions of their brand and service. All consultation services can be availed separately or within a package for reasonable prices. Size of the company or its history is not considered a factor for the pricing. Get to know your options. This special offering is exclusive at SoloTrader and available to all SoloTrader brokers through the SoloTrader website. Realize your business’s potential today. Contact SoloTrader for more information.

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What Every Trader Should Know About Market Statistics


Traders now have complete access to the condition of the market which includes details like the currency’s movement and trends, popular symbols, and the volatility of the chosen major currency pairs among other things. New data is systematically available to market statistics in order to unders…

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Why You Need to Start Trading Forex Using Bitcoins


The foreign exchange market (forex), which is the biggest, global decentralized and most liquid market, operates 24 hours a day and has also added the unique electronics currency known as bitcoins. Various forex brokers have been accepting bitcoins for currency trading since its quickly and easily transferred online, which makes all the transactions made to be both traceable and public. The worldwide-known bitcoin is immune to detrimental circumstances and also towards inflation which eventually fuels the trader’s appetite for the instrument. Bitcoins can be used to deposit funds into trading accounts and withdraw the money. One of the significant benefits of using bitcoins is its decentralized nature. The e-gold coins are a particular form of electronic currency which has no singular owner which means that there is no central bank to change its valuations. The rates of bitcoins are not affected by the effects of geopolitical influence and macroeconomic issues which include the likes of interest rates and inflation. Seasoned traders have the great advantage of using this currency. Trading with bitcoins offer high leverages which reach up to 1:1000. Bitcoins come with no transaction costs since they are digitally recorded on public networks which means that brokers would be able to extend this advantage towards clients. Traders are allowed to have no deposit or withdrawal fee for transactions which further boosts the chances of making a profit. Among the biggest benefits of this transaction is that it comes with a high level of financial security. Clients do not need to disclose their bank account or details of their credit card in order to use the money. A trader will be able to start trading with as small as a value of $25 as some bitcoin forex trading companies offer this convenience. The majority of forex brokers which accept bitcoins also keep the brokerage costs low in order to appeal towards new bitcoin-trading clients.

The Commodity Pairs of Forex That You Need to Know


The Forex market is the biggest market in the financial industry making it one of the busiest as well. It trades a daily average volume of $5 trillion with currencies being traded as fast as you can say “Forex.” The reason for its boost in growth is due to the fact that currency prices are constantly fluctuating. Traders take advantage of this fluctuations to profit. The basic trade in Forex is the simultaneous buying and selling of currencies. That’s why currencies are always quoted in pairs which we also call symbols. The major currencies are the US Dollar (USD), the Euro, (EUR), the Japanese Yen (JPY), the British Pound (GBP), the Swiss Franc (CHF), the Australian Dollar (AUD), the Canadian Dollar (CAD), and the New Zealand Dollar (NZD). Pairing each major currency with the USD creates the major pairs and the commodity pairs. [See: The Major Pairs of Forex That You Need to Know]. The dollar is the standard currency of the world with all currencies being matched against $1. In this article, we will be tackling the commodity pairs. The commodity symbols are named as such because the currencies that is paired with the dollar are owned by countries who maintains large amounts of commodities or other natural resources. Now, you might think that there are a lot of countries that possess commodities and natural resources. This is true. Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and Russia all are titans in this field. However, the government regulation of currencies in these countries make it hard for their money to be traded in international markets. That’s why despite being a natural-resource-rich nation, commodity currencies are only composed of such countries whose currencies are relatively liquid and free floating. These countries are Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. USD/CAD The USD/CAD pair is a combination of two powerful nations, the United States and Canada. The Great White North is home to a rich resource of timber, oil, and natural gases. Due to their convenient location above the United States, most exports of the country go to the largest economy of the world. The Canadian economy is dynamic and modern reflecting the USD/CAD pair who is one of the most actively traded pairs. A fun fact about Canada is that their currency is sometimes referred to as “loonie.” USD/AUD Australia is one of the richest country in commodities and one of the most industrialized economy in the world. The Land Down Under owns large quantities of most major commodities: gold, aluminum, iron, coal, wheat, beef, and wool. They also have a powerful service sector. However, these abundance in commodities was not enough to offset the fact that the country is geographically isolated and has a relatively small population. It is so isolated that it is its own continent. This is why trading the USD/AUD pair can be tricky because the resulting trading deficits causes pressure on the “aussie.” USD/NZD Trading the USD/NZD pair is a commodity pair that enjoys international attention. The island nation boasts of a generous source of agricultural products and other natural commodities. It is known as one of the best countries to invest in internationally. This strong exposure to international trade and foreign investment makes New Zealand one of the countries to look out for. Their money, the New Zealand dollar, is known sometimes as the “kiwi.” The commodity currency pairs are secondary to the major currency pairs because they are not as liquid. If you’re not trading them, knowing the prices of commodities is a helpful guide in making your bets.

Three Crucial Mobile Trading Tips You Need To Know


Go anywhere crowded in the city and you’ll see people enthralled in their smartphones. Commuters in the subway station are browsing articles, shoppers are comparing prices in malls and online stores, teenagers and adults alike are making connections on dating sites, mother and daughter are sending emails from across the globe, employees are making important deals through video chats, and almost everybody has connections to the internet and social media for information, communication, and interaction. In short, technology has already changed the lives of humanity forever. And one of the things that you can actually do with your smartphone is to profit big! The rising popularity of forex trading has skyrocketed in the few decades since it has been launched. Advancement in technology has made it possible for forex to infiltrate smartphones, tablets, and laptops. And thus, mobile trading was born. Many people have been trading on the go now. However there are still some things that are still better by doing it the traditional way on a computer. We will discuss that as we go along. Today anyone that has a smartphone can access markets, make trades,and earn profit. How you say? Check out below. 1. Have Reliable Trading Tools You must first have a sturdy smartphone. Next, this smartphone must have a solid internet connection. This is crucial as the fast system of your gadget and a strong internet connection are the basic foundations of mobile trading. Unlike mobile games that still function even with a weak connection, trading applications rely strongly on a stable connection for quotes to be updated and trades to be executed instantly. We suggest a minimum of [KBPS SPEED] for smooth and reliable trading. 2. Choose the Best Mobile Trading Platform Have a reliable mobile trading platform. SoloTrader’s mobile trading platform is equipped with access to forex charts, up-to-date market news, advanced forex indicators, comprehensive trading tools, and instant and live transactions offering the most opportunity for profit. [See: Technical Analysis with SoloTrader] 3. Keep to Trading Strategy Now that the tools are complete, it is up to you, the trader to keep you decisions level-headed and your actions calculated. Do this by keeping an objective look of the market. Just because you can now trade anywhere you are, anytime you want, doesn’t mean you should. Mobile trading poses a danger to addiction. Traders should always deal in moderation. Be attentive of your positions but don’t be glued to your smartphone or tablet. Stick to your strategy and don’t overdo it. Mobile trading have made profiting in the forex market easier but it has also made losing that much probable. So trade cautiously whether you are on the smartphone or the computer.

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