Advanced Technology

The SoloTrader trading platform features a variety of highly efficient trading tools that have all the necessary functions to answer the trader’s every need. Trading tools such as charts, pip calculators, and currency converters are made available to you. Moreover these features are easily customizable to suit your trading preferences and strategies.

Cutting Edge Security

Trading involves confidential information that puts clients at risk if not guarded properly. Whether you’re trading on your pc or using the SoloTrader web platform, we keep your data under maximum security. This is why we have integrated encryption technology in our trading platform, incorporated trader and server security measures, and implemented IP address concealment from any non-authorized third party entities. With SoloTrader, your safety is our priority.


SoloTrader gives you the widest range of choices in financial products. Our technology has been engineered with the ability to support all currency crosses and to trade other markets, including futures, equities, and commodities. With SoloTrader you have the freedom to choose.


Our trading platform is available for all kinds of outlets such as personal computers, and laptops. Now, we also give you the seamless mobile access to the market using the Android trading platform, and the iOS trading platform. With this innovation, you can easily access your trading account whenever you want and wherever you are.

High Speed Executions

Experience fast execution of orders through our trading platform. Its ability to perform at high speed is made possible by using only the essential resources programmed for a simple yet effective trading experience. This minimizes disruption within your device and lets the trading platform react and respond faster in implementing orders and executing trades.

Optimum User Experience

User experience with our trading platform is the epitome of ease and convenience. Get the trading technology that gives new and veteran traders the advantage to trade at optimum levels. Performing the functions and navigating the features is simple. You don’t have to spend hours to learn our technology. Instead, you can spend most of your energy into ensuring successful trades.