Physical Delivery

SoloTrader lets you quote the physical delivery orders of your customers with assurance. You no longer have to worry about random glitches because our trading platform offers minimal latency using superior execution technology which remains consistent regardless of order size. It is also capable of featuring multiple liquidity streams based on your needs, allowing you to price and distribute at your own trading desks and branches.

Enhanced Distribution

The SoloTrader systems are collocated with the leading banks, ECNs, and LPs. This makes it possible for end-users to experience consistent and instant executions. Thus, there is a significant level of control over taker accounts, account groups, liquidity, limits, symbols, kill switches, and execution rules.

Single-Bank And Aggregate Liquidity

SoloTrader’s delivery channels guarantee fast and hassle-free trading. Traders can take advantage of this instant processing to maximize profits. Whether your concern involves distributing your own liquidity or carrying out orders as an agency, SoloTrader will deliver.

Brokerage Service

Level up your current market offering with us. SoloTrader and zAlgo are not only perfect for manual and algorithmic traders, respectively; they also work well for professionals and institutions trading by means of FIX API. Upgrade your brokerage services with SoloTrader.


Because there is no need for a server side software or hardware to be installed, high costs of licensing, ownership, IT infrastructure, maintenance, and additional staff are eliminated. Rest assured, our trading platform can be easily integrated and expanded. It is instantly scalable, and our cloud-based infrastructure can be leveraged to maintain ultra-low latency.