Market Size

Most of the existing trading platforms were designed to cater to the market’s 20%. However, with SoloTrader trading platform, you can access the larger share of the institutional 80%. Our platform has been developed to suit and cater the needs of both market segments. Expand your market share with SoloTrader.


Expect no conflicts of interest with SoloTrader. Our trading platform solutions were designed to align the interests of both broker and client. This structure lets you drive client retention strategies to the advantage of both your company and your clients. This results in a continuous growth in credibility, as it proves to be an attractive and marketable proposition to prospective clients.


The SoloTrader trading platform offers an efficient and ready-to-use market maker solution to companies that prefer to work on a market maker model. We can also provide you with the facility for building an agency model if that is your preference. With us, you have the power to choose. We guarantee the delivery of your needs and preferences.


We have made the Integration API readily available for every back or front office system that you have. It can consistently automate all your existing processes such as risk management, accounting, MIS, and CRM.

Fast FIX API Delivery

You can confidently offer your customers with trading API, which can be done through our Integration API within milliseconds.

Algorithmic Traders

For algorithmic traders, we offer one of the most cutting-edge technologies in automated trading that promises to be faster, easier, and more affordable. Without a doubt, it delivers excellence in regard to strategy optimization. The SoloTrader trading platform can be connected easily and be made accessible to a large number of developers who are also working in the .NET framework. because the algorithms are written in C#.


Because there is no need for a server side software or hardware to be installed, high costs of licensing, ownership, IT infrastructure, maintenance, and additional staff are eliminated. Prices are guaranteed reasonable. Rest assured, our trading platform can be easily integrated and expanded. It is instantly scalable, and our cloud-based infrastructure can be leveraged to maintain ultra-low latency.


The SoloTrader trading platform offers you a market advantage that gives you the opportunity for growth. You can develop your credibility and marketing leverage with NDD, STP, and DMA, which play a major role in helping investors dominate market share.

White Labels

Another effective way of leveraging partner relations is through the use of white labels. It allows you to bolster your market reach and get hold of new market share. However, there is no need to worry because you won’t have to surrender the control for your back end. This is because white labels are generally serviced through our server and can be conveniently divided and sorted into groups. Ultimately, our trading technology is completely adaptive to your partner’s needs.