SoloTrader offers consulting services.

We know the difficulty of starting up your own business. That’s why we are here to help.

The SoloTrader Consulting, Inc. is a division of SoloTrader that specializes in providing solutions for various processes involved in the setting up of a new brokerage. We offer a broad range of services that equip broker startups and help seasoned forex broker firms in achieving their goals.

Regardless of the size or the history of your company, we have experts in our teams who can deliver the advice and results you need for your business. You have the options to avail our services separately or in comprehensive packages for a very reasonable price.

Our service offerings include consultations, wherein we will help you define your company’s objectives and find or create strategies that would realize your goals. We also offer recommendations wherein you learn how to address certain issues that may arise in the course of your business. We also have advising sessions wherein we teach you how to maximize your resources and attain better workflow efficiency.

For broker startups, we can help you estimate the budget that you will need and provide assistance in licensing in order to ensure your firm adheres to the standards set by the industry. We will also help you promote your brand and service.

From the establishment of your brokerage company up to its online promotion, we will be there to help and guide you in order to ensure the success and profitability of your business. We want you to feel secure and confident that there is someone behind, guiding you in every step of the way – and that is SoloTrader.

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