The SoloTrader trading platform is designed to be fully efficient for both new and professional traders. It features various types of functions that allow users to easily access various currency trading markets. However, our offer does not simply stop there. Our trading platform has the ability to let you trade directly with leading global banks. Consequently, this gives you the advantage of experiencing transparency in a live trading environment.

Fast Execution

Our trading platform is highly responsive. This allows traders to fill orders in an instant, increasing profit opportunities. Not only that, it can perform simultaneous order processing which means users can enter several trades at the same time, and no order queue will be implemented. Fast execution is crucial in trading to maximize your opportunities for successful trades.


Our trading technology features a variety of charting modules, presentation modes, layouts, and customizable templates that provide the market view you need. Moreover, it has an extensive indicator library, which is essential when identifying trade opportunities. We also offer downloadable custom indicators and if you’re up for it, you can even build your own indicators in C#. With SoloTrader, your trading tools are maximized.

Selection of Chart Views

Charts in our trading platform do not simply present you with market data. They also feature a selection of time frames depending on what best suits your trading strategy. This feature is beneficial in developing a market projection. Aside from that, there are also different zoom levels, ranging from an in-depth view to a bird’s eye view of the currency price action. This makes sure that you are always ahead of your trades.

Technical Analysis

A wide array of trading tools is available directly within the chart in order for you to perform effective technical analysis. This includes oscillators, line drawings, volatility measures, and other common trend indicators. Also, our studies automatically adjust to the time frame and zoom level that you have selected for your chart. Having the most accurate technical analysis is vital to your trading success.

Order Types and Pricing

Our trading platform offers a full range of orders including market orders, limit orders, and stop orders which you can use to maximize trading options. It also has a full range of executable prices that come directly from liquidity providers. This feature acts as a risk management tool which is integral to achieve your trading goals.

Trading Sessions

Knowing which trading markets all over the world are currently in session is an important factor in choosing your trading strategy and entry point. Our trading platform features a world market tracker which displays the financial markets that are open at the moment. Being aware of this information lets you plan accordingly and smartly.

Multiple Accounts

Having multiple accounts and trading with different base currencies is made easy and convenient within our trading platform. You can quickly switch between your accounts with just a few clicks. This means you can maximize your trades and profits with us.


Send us your feedback is quick and simple. Through the Feedback button, you can let us know of your suggestions or comments or questions. Based on the information we receive from you, we make improvements and updates on our trading platform for better user experience.