SoloTrader Launches Broker Services


SoloTrader is proud to unveil its broker services which is now available through the official website.

SoloTrader has developed a trading solution for brokers who are seeking to increase profitability, expand market share, and boost client trust. Brokers now have an option to optimize their business through SoloTrader. We’ve designed our broker services to align with your interests. Below are the advantages of the SoloTrader Broker Services.

1. Increased Market Share
Other trading platforms only allow you to cater to 20% of the market. SoloTrader’s Trading Platform lets you access the institutional market which makes up for 80% of the total market population.

2. Better Flexibility
SoloTrader offers brokers the flexibility to be able to cater to what they need as a company. Brokers can opt to have the trading tools (trading platform, website, accounts) that they want and the business model that they need (market maker model or an agency model). Whatever they prefer, we deliver.

3. Easy Integration
We’ve designed our system to be adaptable. Integrate with ease with our fast FIX API Delivery. Automate all of your existing process for the back or front office including accounting, CRM, risk management, and MIS. This way you can integrate and expand your system easily.

4. Smooth Deployment
We created a broker bundle that makes it easy to start a business. We’ve eliminated the need for hardware installation and a server side software thus cutting the cost of excess staff, complicated fixups, and IT infrastructure, and licensing.

5. Effective Marketing
With SoloTrader, you get better opportunities for growth. We offer STP, DMA, and NDD to improve your credibility and leverage to dominate the market.

Check out SoloTrader’s Broker services to see what’s in store for you.

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