Privacy Policy

SoloTrader recognizes each individual’s right to privacy. All information and data collected through the site will be under the comprehensive Privacy Policy of the company. Be aware that does not automatically obtain personal infromation from clients without consent. Visitors of the website are not asked by default any information that might compromise the client’s identity.
Opening demo and live accounts require clients to input personal information and verify the information for security and business purposes. SoloTrader and its affiliates utilizes this information for the safety of the client, improvement of services, and to be able to contact and tend to the needs of the client.
Registering a live account with the company will require client’s information but please take note that SoloTrader has no control over any information the client discloses over electronic communication.

Controlling Personal Information

For inquiries and requests for increased security, the client may contact our helpdesk at where we will address any concerns regarding disclosure of information especially if you do not want to provide sensitive information. We can also address other issues here like incorrect data inputs, etc.

Information Security

All information disclosed by the client and acquiesced through electronic communication via our website is protected. The Company utilizes technical and regulatory measures like data encryption and client verification. The client can be confident that SoloTrader is employing the latest in security systems to protect the Clients’ information.

Cookies and Caches makes use of internet cookies to expidite the clients navigation and enhance visitor convenience. Standard internet browsers are prone to accept cookies however if the client opts, he or she can easily access the setting of his or her internet browser and choose to reject or delete the cookies. The site utilizes both session cookies and persistent cookies to keep track of client as he or she navigates the website and to allow the site to automatically distinguish the visitor of the site.

Third Party

In no way does SoloTrader disclose any information, personal or otherwise, that is obtained from the client through any means including electronic communication and other forms of correspondence, with any third party. All information are secured.

Privacy Policy Changes

SoloTrader will notify registered members of any changes in the Privacy Policy that the Company deems important to the client through any means necessary.