The SoloTrader Desktop Platforms and Applications

Experience the ease and efficiency of the SoloTrader technology. Our products are developed to create the optimum trading experience.

SoloTrader Desktop Platform

The SoloTrader Platform is a stand alone trading platform application that maximizes the performance of a trading platform without sacrificing the simple elegance and optimum convenience people look for in a trading product..

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SoloTrader Web

The SoloTrader Web is the online trading platform that offers all the qualities and the benefits of the SoloTrader trading platform application.

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SoloTrader for iOS (Coming Soon)

The SoloTrader iOS is the mobile trading application for Apple users that features all the key elements of the SoloTrader platform designed to match the taste and sophistication of Apple users.

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SoloTrader for Android

The SoloTrader Mobile lets you trade wherever you are, whenever you want. Users can now use their accounts through the SoloTrader mobile application.

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SoloTrader Studio

The SoloTrader Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) created by the SoloTrader team that allows traders to develop and execute various codes/scripts/logics in the SoloTrader trading platform.

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SoloTrader Web Chart

SoloTrader Web Chart is the innovative charting solution you need. With it, you get the power to experience the best way to analyze trades without the hassle.

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Why Choose SoloTrader?

Personalized Experience. We give you the power to customize your trading according to your preference.

Comprehensive Choices. We provide you with the widest range of products and services.

Mobile Capabilities. We let you trade anywhere and anytime with our mobile and tablet applications.

Online Competence. We got rid of the hassle of downloading with our web-based platform.

Global Reach. We have developed our trading platforms to suit your trading needs wherever you may be located.

Optimized Options. We made our products to be affordable, effective, and efficient to maximize your profitability and minimize your risk exposure.