Terms and Conditions

SoloTrader (hereinafter referred to as the Company) and the signee of the current Agreement and a registered member which might be an individual or entity (hereinafter referred to as the Client), has entered an official agreement of which both parties signify to understand and follow the terms and conditions belonging to the site and any material in it. The Company is entitled to change the Terms and Conditions without prior notice to the client therefore requiring the client to review the Terms and Conditions regularly. Continued utilization of the site after changes have been made compounds the client’s acceptance of aforementioned changes.

Site Ownership

The Company owns the site and everything in it. The Company is also the one responsible for maintaining, ensuring the expediency of the site, and protection of client information within the site. Any acts of downloading, copying, or any forms of reproduction of any of the materials in the site does not entitle the client any transfer of ownership. For security purposes, any material willingly uploaded, transferred, or transmitted by the client to the site will automatically be a property of the Company and may be utilized for legal purposes including but not limited to disclosure to any legal authority as the Company deem appropriate. Copyright and trademark ownership of all materials in the site are reserved rights of the Company.


Access to the site is a right of the client as per the agreement. The site and all materials in it including all information, processors, tools, and instruments are not intended for utilization and circulation by any individual or entity under the jurisdiction of law that endeavors to damage or implicate the Company and the jurisdiction by which the parties abide.


All information, processors, tools, and any other material within the site is shown to the client as it is. The Company does not stipulate the veracity of information and any other materials provided in the site explicitly or implicitly. The Company disclaims any guarantees of profitability and pragmatism of information used for any purpose. The Company is not liable for damage and loss any intervening third party may cause as you access the site in theduration of the parties’ agreement. The Company ensures the client that any information and material presented in the site are acquired from reliable and trustworthy sources however the Company cannot guarantee the effectiveness, accuracy, and fullness of the information provided herewith for any purpose the client may deem appropriate. The Company and all its associates including but are not limited to the directors, employees, and any affiliates of the Company, even the third party, are not responsible for any damage or loss acquired in case of disruption while using the site or any acts of access that involves the site. The Company will not be held accountable for any substantial, accidental, and exceptional damages derived from the ability or inability to utilize the site regardless of whether or not the Company has been notified of any possible of such damages. All information and materials in the site’s only purpose is to inform therefore should not be regarded otherwise and put the Company in any obligation in case of any misuse for any other purposes than the stated above.


The linked sites provided by the site is regulated by third parties and is therefore not under the jurisdiction of the Company in the event of any damage or loss acquired when accessing the linked sites. The Company disclaims the information and any other materials provided in the linked sites. The Company also does not advertise or endorse any of the products or services offered by the linked sites.

Security and Privacy

The Company utilizes electronic communications when conducting business with the clients and therefore does not guarantee the absolute safety of any information disclosed over the internet as the internet is never 100% safe. The Company, however, vows to utilize only the latest in security tools to protect both parties, the Company and the Client, of any damages and loss. By conducting business with the Company, the Client accepts any risk and exposure that may be incurred during the duration of the agreement. Confidentiality and privacy is a top priority of the Company. Any information and materials provided by the Client will be treated with utmost importance and will only utilized for business and security purposes and shared only within the Company and its affiliates. No third party will be authorized access to any of the Clients information unless requested by legal authority. Tracking systems in the site will be monitoring any site the Client accesses, the frequency of access, and the discovery of access. Any information obtained while monitoring will be utilized for security purposes and improvement of the company. The Company may or may not contact the client for any information the Company deems useful for the Client.


The trademark of the Company and its affiliates, both registered and unregistered are proprietaries of the Company. The Company’s trading platform, SoloTrader, other services, logos, marks of work done by the Company are under licensed and in no way shall be utilized by any other individual or entity for any damaging purpose. All trademarks require written consent from the Company for any business purpose.

Supplementary Information

The Company does not cater to retailers. It is a technology dealer only to individuals and entities registered under the Company’s database. The Company does not provide any investment services and perform investment activities under any license on a regulated market.