Learning More About the Indicators of SoloTrader


The SoloTrader Terminal is now live and is ready to be downloaded. With its many features, it might be overwhelming, especially for new traders, to use it. To help them, we’ve created the help section where traders and brokers alike can explore and learn about the many features of SoloTrader.

Today we’ll focus on one of the most useful trading tools that anyone can use to improve their strategies: the SoloTrader Indicators.

Indicators are tools that measure various statistics in order to determine the current conditions and the possible results of an economic or financial trend. SoloTrader has six indicator categories.

1. On Bars
The On Bars indicators are those that overlap the forex chart itself. They trace the trend and place statistical measures on the price movements for the trader to see the conditions of the symbol. These indicators are the Alligator, Bollinger Bands, Donchian Channel, Exponential Moving Average, Envelope Moving Average, Fractal Chaos Bands, Fractals, High and Low Bands, Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, Keltner Channels, Linear Regression Forecast, Linear Regression Intercept, Median, Parabolic SAR, Prime Number Bands, Rainbow Chart, Simple Moving Average, Smoother Moving Average, Triangular Moving Average, Time Series Moving Average, Typical Price, Variable Moving Average, Weighted Close, Weighted Moving Average, and Welles Wilder Smoothing.

2. Oscillators
Oscillators are indicators that appear separately from the main forex chart. These extra charts that appear below show the various factors that affect the price movements and the possible course of action of that trend. The indicators under Oscillators are Aroon Oscillator, Average true Range, Bear Power, Bull Power, Commodity Channel Index, Chalkin Volatility, Chande Momentum Oscillator, Detrended Price Oscillator, Ease of Movement, Gator Oscillator, Linear Regression R-squared, Linear Regression Slope, Money Flow Index, Momentum Oscillator, Price Oscillator, Rainbow Oscillator, Swing Index, Stochastic Momentum Index, and Volume Oscillator.

3. Volumes
Volumes contains the indicators that focus on analyzing volume. They also appear on a different chart. The indicators under it are the Accumulation Distribution Line, Chaikin Money Flow, Negative Volume Index, On Balance Volume, Positive Volume Index, Price and Volume Trend, and Volume Rate of Change.

4. Bill Williams
The indicators under the Bill Williams category are the ones that was made famous by the legendary trader Bill Williams. His popular and effective approach on trading has earned him a namesake in the indicators category. While he made numerous indicators famous, his indicators in the SoloTrader Trading Platform are the Acceleration/Deceleration and the Awesome Oscillator.

5. Momentum
The Momentum category lists down the indicators that make use of momentum as a statistic measure. The indicators included here are Coppock Curve, Moving Average Convergence-Divergence, Rate of Change, Stochastic Oscillator, Triple Exponential Average, Ultimate Oscillator, Vertical Horizontal Filter, and Williams %R.

6. Others
The rest of the uncategorized indicators are listed under Others. These are the Aroon, Accumulative Swing Index, Directional Movement System, Force Index, High Minus Low, Historical Volatility, Mass Index, Bollinger’s Percent B, Performance Index, Standard Deviation, Ulcer Index, and Vortex.

With these massive options, you are equipped with the best in the industry. Explore your options and practice your analytic skills. Try SoloTrader today.

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