SoloTrader Launches Binary Options


Trading technology provider, SoloTrader, has unveiled the latest in its line of trading solutions. SoloTrader launched its binary options feature within the SoloTrader trading terminal and SoloTrader trading platform.

It is called binary options because it is a financial option where there are only two outcomes: the trader either profits a fixed amount or not profit at all.

SoloTrader’s binary options, according to the website, is an “easy-to-learn system” where traders can indicate and set conditions of a trade. Traders can set conditions with the various functionalities available.

The system is equipped with a Summary Calculation that shows the user a simulation of how the trade will work out in a winning situation along with the calculations. It also features a real-time graph that presents the movement of the chosen symbol.

SoloTrader’s binary options offers a comprehensive list of symbols under the Currency Pair window. It is conveniently designed with shortcuts for users to instantly trade.

Users can also keep track of their trades using the Term window feature where active transactions and their details are listed. For past transactions, the SoloTrader Binary Options integrated an Archive and History window where a summary of the user’s trading history and the corresponding details to each trade.

Traders and brokers can now access the binary options feature on the SoloTrader trading terminal and SoloTrader trading platform. Know more about this feature here:

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