SoloTrader Website Integrates Live Forex Quotes


SoloTrader, provider of trading solutions to brokers and traders, has added Live Forex Quotes to the Solotrader website. The new feature is integrated in the home page itself.

The Live Forex Quotes chart shows the real-time stream of bid and ask prices for the major trading instruments. SoloTrader shows the following:
EUR/USD (Euro, US dollar)
GBP/USD (British Pound, US Dollar)
USD/JPY (US Dollar, Japanese Yen)
USD/CHF (Swiss Franc, US Dollar)
USD/CAD (US Dollar, Canadian Dollar)
EUR/JPY (Euro, Japanese Yen)
EUR/CHF (Euro, Swiss Franc)
GBP/JPY (British Pound, Japanese Yen)
GBP/CHF(British Pound, Swiss Franc)

The integration gives the users the ability to know the price changes as it happens. This allows traders, brokers, and potential clients browsing through SoloTrader about the current market conditions.

The Live Forex Quotes chart is displayed just above the SoloTrader Web Chart if you scroll down the home page. This is done for the user's convenience. It can be found easily and is presented using a simple typeface with minimalist background.

Check out SoloTrader’s Live Forex Quotes at

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