SoloTrader Welcomes Banks Into Their Clientele


Services for banks is now available with SoloTrader.

SoloTrader has officially welcomed banks into their clientele after the launch of the SoloTrader trading platform. This means that banks now have the capabilities to offer their clients comprehensive trading solutions through SoloTrader.

1. Bulk Services
With SoloTrader, you are guaranteed accurate quotations for physical deliveries and smooth transactions regardless of order size. SoloTrader is able to make this possible because of its trading platform that minimizes latency using advanced execution technology. You can also carry out multiple liquidity streams that allow you to price and distribute orders at your own trading desks.

2. Smooth Deployment
Get your trading business running in no time. SoloTrader’s smooth deployment ensures that you can integrate and expand the trading platform and the service at your will. The SoloTrader service is simplified because there is no need for a server side software or hardware installation. This basically means that you save money for licensure, ownership, maintenance, and infrastructure.

3. Aggregate Liquidity
Using the SoloTrader service means a combined effort to carry out multiple task. The SoloTrader trading platform allows for instant and hassle-free trading. This way you can carry out your own orders and distribute your own liquidity.

4. Brokerage Service
Get the better service in the industry with SoloTrader’s extensive brokerage services. Manual and algorithmic traders will find it suitable for their kind of trading. Moreover, institutions and professionals can also take advantage of the FIX API.

5. Better Distribution
The SoloTrader system is able to deliver consistent and fast transfers for end users because it is collocated with leading banks, ECNs, and LPs.

Give better banking services today through SoloTrader.

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