Trade Easy Using the Tick Slideshow and Most Active Pair of SoloTrader


SoloTrader, a global developer of professional trading software, has recently released an updated version of the SoloTrader trading platform and trading terminal.

Included in the update is the optimum version of the Tick Slideshow and the Most Active Pair. These mini toolbars offer additional information to help the user trade better.

The SoloTrader Tick Slideshow that appears below the Market Watch in the SoloTrader trading platform and trading terminal shows the graph of price movement of a given symbol. It’s called a slideshow because it shows all the charts of every symbol with the following intervals: 5 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 60 seconds. The user can click on the time interval desired and the Tick Slideshow will start its presentation.

Brokers and traders can use the information to get a peek at the other symbol’s status thus having a general idea of what the market condition is.

Meanwhile, the SoloTrader Most Active Pair shows the graph, as indicated in the name, of the the most active pair in the market at the moment. Brokers and traders use the information indicated here to keep up with the market trend, and hopefully profit from the activity in the symbol’s price movements.

This feature is a special toolbar developed by SoloTrader to increase the functionality of the the trading software. Traders and brokers can use this handy toolbars to always keep an eye on everything else happening in the forex market without having to click away from their main focus of business in the platform.

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